Is self-publishing an option for you?

Thinking about self-publishing?

A word to the wise: research, research, research.

Make sure that you know what you want–publication on demand (POD), print copies, e-books, or a combination of both–before selecting a self-publishing service.

Amazon’s Create Space, Book Baby,  Lulu, iUniverse provide a smorgasbord of services. Your costs will vary depending on what services you want/need, such as design, editorial, marketing, or promotional.

iUniverse, for example, offers book packages ranging from $999 to $7,499 (which includes an “editorial evaluation,” to advise you about any editing your manuscript might need). You pay extra for editing.

Book Baby, on the other hand, provides a variety of customized options that determine will determine your costs.

It is important to remember that most self-published books sell a mere 100-150 copies. In addition, the likelihood of your book being picked up by a major (traditional) publisher or book chain (e.g. Barnes & Noble) after self-publishing is slim.

In addition, you are competing with thousands of other writers who believe that their product is worthy of publication.

On the positive side, self-publishing allows you to bypass agents or traditional publishing houses to get your work before readers.

Likewise, with self-publishing, the time from submission to publication is much faster.

Before submitting your manuscript, consider paying an editor to scrutinize it and give you an unbiased assessment of it.

A well-crafted manuscript might give you an edge in the crowded self-publishing arena.

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