Is self-publishing an option for you?

Thinking about self-publishing? A word to the wise: research, research, research. Make sure that you know what you want--publication on demand (POD), print copies, e-books, or a combination of both--before selecting a self-publishing service. Amazon's Create Space, Book Baby,  Lulu, iUniverse provide a smorgasbord of services. Your costs will vary depending on what services you want/need, such… Continue reading Is self-publishing an option for you?

Tips for Writers

Designate a writing space to promote creativity and productivity

Just as my granddaughter spends lots of money on shoes and gear that increase her running safety and efficiency, having a designated writing space can promote your creativity and productivity. Whether that space is in a corner of your bedroom or in a separate room, surround yourself with the tools of your trade: files, notebooks,… Continue reading Designate a writing space to promote creativity and productivity

Tips for Writers

The Art of Interviewing

Artful interviewing is the key to successfully crafting an article. I have conducted hundreds of interviews over the years--in-person or by telephone--with ordinary folks, government types, public officials and celebrities. Since most of these people have busy schedules and little time to waste, it is imperative that you make sure the time you spend with… Continue reading The Art of Interviewing