The Legacy Museum and The National Peace and Justice Memorial

A Dark History Re-visited

From April  25 through April 27, I was in Montgomery, Alabama, for the opening of two new museums commemorating the African-American experience in America and to attend the Equal Justice Initiative's Peace and Justice Summit. (Read about Day One ) DAY TWO April 26 A gathering of the faithful: An electric energy permeated the Equal Justice… Continue reading A Dark History Re-visited

Criminal Justice News

10 Criminal Justice Facts You Probably Never Knew

1. WOMEN: There has been a “760% increase in the number of women incarcerated since 1980.” ((The Sentencing Project) 2. MENTAL ILLNESS: “Ten times more mentally ill people are in jails and prisons than state psychiatric hospitals.” (Slate, January 5, 2016) 3. DEBT: “People with convictions are saddled with…fees, fines, and debt (while) their economic… Continue reading 10 Criminal Justice Facts You Probably Never Knew