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Post Incarceration Syndrome: Eric’s story

This week in Part 2 of my five-week podcast series, "Incarceration: A Family Affair," I discuss post incarceration syndrome as a reality for formerly incarcerated individuals and its tragic results for my grandson, Eric Bartell Moyler. In 2014, I wrote a blog for my now-closed site, Outside the Walls: One Mother's Voice, talking about his… Continue reading Post Incarceration Syndrome: Eric’s story

Health and Wellness

Self-care: crucial for those with loved ones in prison

If you have never had a loved one in prison, it is almost impossible to imagine how, over time, the experience negatively affects physical and emotional health. No matter their crime or the time, inmates are our children, spouses, or relatives. We know their personal histories, problems, and weaknesses. We acknowledge their wrongdoings (as well… Continue reading Self-care: crucial for those with loved ones in prison