“One Mother’s Voice” podcast returns this week

This week One Mother's Voice: In the Name of Justice podcast (Spreaker.com) will return--after a year-long hiatus--with our 53rd episode. OMV is dedicated to families with loved ones in jail or prison and those currently or formerly incarcerated. As the mother of a formerly incarcerated son, who died in a New York State prison in… Continue reading “One Mother’s Voice” podcast returns this week


Podcasting Pains…

Over the past two years, I created 51 podcasts for "One Mother's Voice: in the Name of Justice." Topics included bail reform, private prisons, prison labor issues, the public defender system, video visitations, and women and prisons. My target audience: mothers with sons in prison. As the mother of a son who spent 16 years… Continue reading Podcasting Pains…