Back in the saddle again!

Whoa! It's been almost five months (as Facebook keeps reminding me) since my last post. Apologies (again). I have been working on a book proposal for a memoir about my experiences as the mother of an inmate. In addition, my granddaughter, Eve, and I have decided to host a new podcast, tentatively titled, "Just Us… Continue reading Back in the saddle again!


A familiar story of death in custody

Seven days... Over several days in October 2009, a young man in handcuffs, escorted on either side by  stone-faced officers or guards, was taken from his cell to court, from court back to jail, from jail to a hospital and eventually to a prison infirmary. His narrow face was covered with purple bruises, his eyes… Continue reading A familiar story of death in custody


Privacy Lost

Most of my life I have protested against or advocated for one cause or another, from ending apartheid in South Africa to reforming America's criminal justice system, hardly radical stuff. In the late sixties, my children attended a Harlem (New York) public elementary school; then one of the lowest ranked in the city. To address the… Continue reading Privacy Lost