“One Mother’s Voice” podcast returns this week

This week One Mother’s Voice: In the Name of Justice podcast (Spreaker.com) will return–after a year-long hiatus–with our 53rd episode.

OMV is dedicated to families with loved ones in jail or prison and those currently or formerly incarcerated.

As the mother of a formerly incarcerated son, who died in a New York State prison in 1999, I know how difficult it is to cope with a correctional system that cares little for the negative consequences of incarceration for both inmates and families.

Our mission is “to provide ongoing support, disseminate accurate information about U.S. criminal justice policies and their effects on families and communities, and promote community activism as an antidote to hopelessness and helplessness.”

OMV is a place for sharing personal stories, finding resources, and getting the latest news about criminal justice issues.

This week we’ll discuss a recent MSN Money story that reveals how white Americans have created generational wealth through deceptive business practices, land grabs, and systemic discrimination in lending at the expense of black American families and communities.

My commentary will focus on the psychological, financial, and physical consequences of incarceration.

OMV‘s co-host and producer is Amour.

Join me.

“To know more, is to do more.” …WJJ

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