Back in the saddle again!


It’s been almost five months (as Facebook keeps reminding me) since my last post.

Apologies (again). I have been working on a book proposal for a memoir about my experiences as the mother of an inmate.

In addition, my granddaughter, Eve, and I have decided to host a new podcast, tentatively titled, “Just Us on Justice.” Debut date to be announced.

Despite starting a second podcast, I intend to re-launch my podcast, “One Mother’s Voice: In  Name of Justice” in April 2019.

So…what’s happened on the criminal justice scene worth noting?

Celebrity activism

Meek Mill released Championships (December 2018) aimed at “all the young’uns in my hood popping percs now…you gotta…put them guns and the percs down. Them new jails got ten yards and that your first down, uh. And I ain’t come here to preach. I just had to say something ’cause I’m the one with the reach.”at

The theme of John Legend’s Preach is that social change doesn’t happen by “preaching” but by taking action. Visuals include a mother separated  from her child at the U.S./Mexican border, the funeral of a black boy killed by police,

Legend is the organizer of “FREEAMERICA created “to amplify the voices of individuals impacted by the criminal justice system and those who are working to change it. By challenging stereotypes, breaking down barriers, and uplifting solutions…”

Jay-Z and Meek Mill have formed REFORM Alliance, another organization dedicated to criminal justice reform. Kudos to these celebrity activists.

As for me, I have a personal interest in reforming the criminal justice system: one son, two grandsons, one nephew and countless other  nameless, faceless, black men caught up in The System. It’s for them that I persist.

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