The season finale of Blackish: I was holding my breath. (Spoiler alert!)

I am a big fan of Blackish.

So, the last few episodes–dealing with the slow unraveling of what seemed like a perfect marriage between lead characters, Andre (Dre) and Rainbow (Bow) Johnson–have been nerve-wracking to watch.

Dre, a successful advertising executive, and Bow, an anesthesiologist, sniped at each other with criticisms, word jabs, and finger-pointing. Great acting but upsetting for a loyal viewer like me.

Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross have such incredible on-screen chemistry, I wondered why the producers were messing with a winning formula.

For most of tonight’s season finale, I was holding my breath. It seemed as if the smartest, hippest African-American couple on TV was seriously moving toward a permanent separation, with Dre leasing a new “dream” house, and Bow flexing her wings as a single mom.

Blackish also engages me because it seamlessly weaves social commentary into the story line. One episode dealt with the release from prison of a male relative, and Dre and Bow’s differing ideas about how and if they should help him.

In another episode, Dre questions the relevance of a print ad campaign that targets only white families.

Likewise, while shopping for a doll for younger daughter, Diane, Bow confronts a white saleswoman about why the only black doll in the store’s collection is dressed in what looks like “slave” attire.

With so much to offer, I desperately hoped for a happy ending for the Johnsons and their quirky kids. Thankfully, I got it.

I actually clapped when Dre returned home to help Bow deal with the death of her father. This led to a re-kindling of their love and a commitment to save their marriage.

I look forward to finding out what direction Blackish will take next season.








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