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Finding the Right Publication for Your Article

I am about to submit a query letter (explained later for novices) to a national magazine for parents. It has taken me several weeks to research various publications–print and online–to find the best venue for my article about how to make a day at the zoo educational and enjoyable.

My granddaughter asked what the delay was in sending the query letter. I told her that I had to find a  magazine that publishes articles similar to the one I am proposing; to do otherwise is a waste of time.

For example, Family Fun wants first-person articles from parents. (My children are all adults.) New York Family seeks submissions from New York City writers. (I have relocated to Las Vegas.)

Eventually, I found a magazine that publishes articles about things that parents can do with their children.

I spent several weeks drafting my query letter. I suggest you do the same.

There are numerous websites that offer advise about and examples of effective query letters, so I won’t go into too much detail; however, it should include a brief (a few sentences) description of the content, the reason you are the best person or expert to write the article, and a listing of publications you have written for.

Market yourself!

Most magazines or e-zines post submission guidelines. Read them carefully. Do they want only e-mail submissions? Do they want copies of your previously published work? How do they pay–per word or per article?

One big no-no. Do not submit to more than one publication at a time.

After you hit “Send” or drop the envelope in the mail, expect to wait several weeks for a response.

If you get a rejection letter, don’t fret. Do more research, brush off your query letter, and re-send it.

Rejection is part of the professional writer’s reality. We all get rejected at one time or another.

With each rejection, consider yourself one step closer to success.

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