Tips for Writers

Motivation: Hold fast to your creative dreams

A handful of writers, such as James Patterson, Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, John Green, Danielle Steel, and Veronica Roth (Divergent) rack up million dollar sales.

The rest of us are lucky if we get jobs as writers or editors for major publications. Even so, we rarely earn enough to join the ranks of best selling authors; however, we enjoy the perks: freebies, press privileges, and a modicum of celebrity determined by the reputation of the newspaper or magazines.

Most of us write for the by-lines and/or to create a platform for our ideas. Consequently, we write for local publications, self-publish, or create blogs.

With so few monetary incentives, how do you keep motivated?

First, remind yourself (and the world) that you are a Writer (even if you have not yet published).

Your ideas are worthy of recognition. How much one earns should not be the sole criteria by which we judge our success.

Second, write about what excites you–history, art, interpersonal issues, sex, love, etc. Passion leads to authentic writing,

Finally, respect your craft. Many a published writer has faced rejection. Keep writing and submitting ideas/articles until some editor recognizes your talent.

Although I have been an editor for several major national publications, I still succumb to self-doubt. Who really cares about my memoir? Can I to do my story justice? Am I a serious writer if I don’t write every day?

On the other hand, I treasure my identity: wordsmith. Despite occasional doubts, frustrations, and writer’s block, I  continue to strive toward my writing goals.

Writing keeps me sane and hopeful. Without it, my life would be humdrum and unsatisfying.

Perhaps the same is true for you. If so, I urge you–hold fast to your creative dreams.


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